Responsibility term, privacy policies, and conditions of use of the website

Last update: 07-26-2018. - Version: 1.0

Welcome to the "Live without Tobacco" website. To properly use the website, it is worth reading, understanding and agreeing on the following terms and conditions.

The current website was developed to offer a web-based tobacco intervention program.

The program does not replace health professionals treatment.

The program is part of ongoing research and will be tested for its clinical effectiveness.

Access to the website

Some of the website's pages offer free access to all visitors, however, the access to the treatment program requires a free registration. If users are interested in using the program, it is necessary to choose a username and a password. Both username and the password must be kept in secret and must not be shared with another user. Visitors are required not to disclose their usernames and passwords to a third party.


  1. Using anyone else's names, usernames or passwords when accessing this website, without previous consent;
  2. Writing or sending out any material which may, somehow, defame, offend or cause discomfort to anyone; to be somehow obscene, or to in any case interfere in the use of other website user;
  3. Providing any information to the site which may be considered as confidential:
  4. Using the current website in a way to break the law, rules or regulations or infringe on the rights of a third party; or
  5. Transmitting virus or any other content able to interfere with website functionality.


All efforts were made in order to guarantee that all information and materials within this website are completely true and not harmful. Materials and information available were assessed by experts in tobacco treatment.

The website does not guarantee that the services will be made available on a continuous and constant basis.

Although the services suggested by the website aim to provide support to smokers, they are free and encouraged to consult health professionals. All users using the website do so at their own risk.

Services and Materials from a Third Party

Information within this website might include services and information from a third party. The content and services from a third party will be made available after previous approval.


The current website shows links to other websites which are not under our control or are not maintained by us. The third party's links are made available for convenience and information. If the user accesses such information, the risks of use lie entirely on his/her responsibility. The fact that a website from a third party is linked to the current one does not necessarily imply a sponsorship relationship or does not mean the website from the third party is a partner of the present website.

Information, Products, and Services Changes

Information, products and services published in the current website are subjected to changes without previous notifications.

Information available in the website

People registered in the Live without Tobacco program voluntarily supply information regarding the website content. Once it is available, information becomes a property of the user, thus it can be reproduced, published, transmitted, made available, subjected to privacy policies obligations.


All the content within the website, including programs, design, texts and graphics are licensed by General Public License - GNU. It guarantees the freedom of: using the program's content for any purpose, modifying the program, sharing it with neighbors and friends. See the complete GPL GNU license.



This site contains trademarks and logos of third parties which are registered and protected by law. Using them without consent is not permitted.

End of use

If the user breaks the website's terms and conditions, his/her access may be limited or forbidden.