Risks of smoking

Cigarettes cause many diseases to smokers and to people who indirectly breathe the smoke.

Short term

  1. Low physical resistance,
  2. Worsening of bronchitis and asthma,
  3. Increase risk of impotence.

Long term

  1. Heart diseases – e.g. heart attack,
  2. Stroke
  3. Different types of cancer (mouth, larynx, lungs, bladder, pancreas)


  1. Any amount of smoking harms
  2. The use of light cigarettes provides no health

Second-hand smoking

It is the act of inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco.

Health consequences

  1. Second-hand smoking is harmful as well;
  2. Among children, second-hand smoking causes sudden infant death, breathing issues and ear infections;
  3. Among adults, second-hand smoking causes coronary heart diseases and lung cancer.

What can you do to help?

  1. Smoke in open places and out of public places;
  2. Smoke outside your home to avoid affecting family members and pets with the smoke

Sick people
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Authors: Daniela Carvalho, Fillipe Roque, Jéssica Brum.

Last update: 07-26-2018.

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